Singing Telegrams in Charleston, SC – Chris Dodson Music Will Melt Their Heart!

February 1st, 2022 chrisdodsonmusic

Searching for Something to Let Your Loved One How Much They Are Loved?

As things start to return to post-pandemic normalcy, there is a renewed sense that we are all feeling what is important and what we value in our lives. COVID definitely changed our perspective about “things,” and had us shifting to the importance of both the people we love and time spent. If someone you cherish has a special occasion coming up, what better way to say “I love you” than to have a personalized message delivered in person? Dropping a card in the mail takes effort, and acknowledging someone via text, phone, or email is great, but nothing says how unforgettable they are to you than an unforgettable serenade from the talented and amazing Chris Dodson.

Customize Your Singing Telegram Just for Them!

Whether you are looking to have “your” song sung just for them, or you want to pick a tune that reminds them of the wonderful times you’ve spent together, we can customize your singing telegram to create the most intimate experience possible. Chris might be singing it, but they will know that Chris’s sound is coming straight from your soul. Want it funny to remind them of an inside joke? Romantic to melt their heart? Nostalgic to bring them back in time? We’ve got you covered! Singing telegrams might seem like a thing of yesteryear, but what is old is definitely new again – and going to such lengths in today’s world will be something they won’t soon forget.

Chris Dodson’s Vocals Are as Versatile as His Talented Musical Style

For those who are unsure of what they want to say, Chris has a wide range of available cover songs for you to choose from. From 80s rock and pop to jazz, his vocals are as versatile as his talented musical style. Oldies are made new again when he puts his heart into singing it softly with his song. Whatever you want to convey, be it “Happy Graduation” or “Happy Valentine’s Day,” there is no better way to say it than in song. Scientists say that of all the ways that you can entice the senses to elicit emotions, audio is the way to go. So let us bring the one you love back in time, catapult them to a different location mentally, or just bring joy to their day – a telegram is unlike any other message you can send!

Don’t Just Send Another Card…

Don’t send another card to tell them how much you care – show them you care by sending a personalized ballad. It will not only entertain them; it will entertain their heart, their soul, and their senses. Contact us today to set up your custom singing telegram in Charleston. Chris will make you the hit of the century… guaranteed!

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