Skip the Flowers and Send Your Valentine a Singing Telegram

January 16th, 2023 chrisdodsonmusic

It’s January, which means that along with the holiday hangover, love is in the air. Just go to the grocery store and you will see aisles lined with all sorts of candy and chocolate. But how boring is it to send the same thing year after year? It isn’t the gift but the thought that counts, but it isn’t very thoughtful to pick up the same old, same old. If you want to do something memorable and special this Valentine’s Day, hire a singing telegram and win the one you love not for just one day but for a lifetime!

What is a Singing Telegram?

We’ve all heard about singing telegrams, but have you actually ever seen one in action? A singing telegram is different from a letter because songs evoke way more emotion than words on paper, whether you have a special song you share already or you want to create one. It might just be five minutes of song, but you earn brownie points that will last. Flowers die. Candy puts on pounds. Songs are forever.

How Do I Choose My Singing Telegram?

The meaning behind your singing telegram is hidden in the song that you choose. Whether you want to revisit a happy time or you want to use a song to say all the things that you might not be able to, choosing your telegram is all about what you want to convey. Chris Dodson has a list of songs to choose from or you can suggest one – the idea is to put some thought behind it.

Why Singing Telegrams are Great at Breaking the Ice!

Let’s face it: no one wants to put themselves out there to get hurt or rejected. If you have had a crush on someone or want to take a relationship from friends to more-than-friends but are having a hard time broaching the subject, a singing telegram is the perfect solution. Find the song that speaks to you and that you know will speak to them, and uncover your hidden feelings. Hey, if they don’t feel the same, at least you gave it a shot. Plus you can play it off like “I just love that song” and downplay the meaning if the feelings aren’t returned.

It’s a New Year – Be a New You

If there is one thing that we have all learned over the past several years, it is that things can change in an instant – literally. You only get one chance in life, and if you have feelings for someone, why hide them? The worst that can happen is those feelings aren’t reciprocated and you move on. But this year, be a bolder, more assured, more confident, and way riskier version of yourself and give it a shot! You have so much more to gain than you can ever lose by taking a chance!

Whether it is a Secret Admirer or the One You Admire

Whether you want to unearth your feelings for someone as a secret admirer or you want the one you admire to have a moment where it is truly all about them, then a singing telegram is the answer. We can’t guarantee they will fall into your arms, but we can guarantee that it will be like no other gift that they will get this Valentine’s Day.

2023 is your year to put it all out there – win or lose! In the end, you can’t lose if you are true to yourself, gamble a little, and have no regrets. The point is to live fearlessly, love openly, and do something to express your love that involves more than a Hallmark sentiment. The answer: a singing telegram!

If you want to make a big impression on the one you admire, then there is no better statement than a singing telegram. Tell them what you want to say by letting the lyrics guide the way. We promise it will be the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift they will ever receive! Contact us today and reserve your prime spot!

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