Qualities to Look for When Hiring Your Child’s Guitar Teacher

September 23rd, 2022 chrisdodsonmusic

Whenever you hire someone to teach your child, you want to find a match that will have the best chance of giving them a good experience. After all, children learn better when they look forward to and enjoy something. No two children learn in the exact same way, which is why these qualities in the person you hire for guitar lessons in Charleston are so critical for everyone involved.


Let’s be honest: not everyone was born to teach. Teaching children takes a certain amount of patience that not all of us have. Find a teacher who has the patience to take the time necessary to ensure that your child is really grasping the basics of guitar playing. If someone is impatient or they try to go too fast, that will lead to frustration, which sets a negative tone.

Skill Level

Sometimes it takes a different type of teacher to handle beginner students who are young versus students who already know the basics and are ready to excel. Make sure that the teacher you hire understands your child’s current level. From a teaching perspective, different skill levels take very different approaches to maneuver in order to be challenging enough and help them to move forward while being easy enough to get the basics down.


Who wants to show up to learn something that even the teacher is not excited about? Guitar lessons should be fun and engaging, and that stems from the teacher’s attitude and enthusiasm. They don’t have to be the most entertaining teacher in the world, but they should at least share their love of music with your child.

A One-Size-Fits-All Does Not Fit All!

Children all learn differently, and they are also motivated by different goal attainment. Make sure that the teacher you hire is capable of switching things up. Not all children are ready to go, sit still, and throw their energy into practicing for an hour a day, and that SHOULD be okay. If you have a teacher who is very rigid in their methods and will not vary their teaching style, that can lead to a poor experience for your kiddo. Guitar lessons should be fun, not punishment!

Different Musical Styles

Some children are going to love playing nursery rhymes, while others are looking to learn songs that they can relate to. If you want to get a child excited, choosing the right genre at the right skill level is critical. As humans, we all want to learn to play what we are comfortable with and things we like to hear. Sure, you can’t make every lesson about playing top-ten hits, but you can at least throw in a bone once in a while.

As a parent, you likely know that things your children like are things that they will put effort into – and if they don’t, they won’t. If you want to make sure that your guitar lessons in Charleston go well and that they learn a love of playing, then find a teacher who matches their personality and will work well with them. At Chris Dodson, we understand that no two children are alike, nor do they learn the same. Our enthusiasm about music is contagious, and we can almost guarantee if you allow us, your child will catch it! Contact us today to get started.

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