How to Prioritize Your Wedding Needs, Musts, and Wants

March 28th, 2023 chrisdodsonmusic

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, congratulations! But with the joy of a major life milestone also comes stress. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. As you plan your big day, it’s important to prioritize your needs, wants, and must-haves. These are tips that will help you through deciphering what is important all the way down to the wedding ceremony music for your Charleston wedding!

Make a Master List

One of the first things you should do when you start wedding planning is make a master list of all the tasks that need to get done. This will help keep you organized and on track as you work your way through each item. Include items like “book venue” or “send out save-the-dates” so you can easily keep track of what has been done and what needs to be taken care of next.

Set a Budget

Before doing anything else, it’s essential to set a budget so that you don’t overspend on something that isn’t necessary or important to have. You should be realistic with yourself about what kind of budget is feasible given your financial situation – and stick with it! Even if there are certain items that are particularly important to you (like having an open bar), make sure that everything fits into the budget and adjust accordingly if needed.

Identify Must-Haves

Once you’ve established a budget, decide which elements are must-haves for your big day—things like the venue or photographer—and then focus on those first before moving on to more minor details like favors or decorations. Knowing what is most important will help ensure that everything gets done in time for the wedding and that nothing gets overlooked in the process.

Consider Timing

What tasks need to happen first? When do invites need to go out? It’s helpful to map out a timeline so that everything stays on schedule throughout the entire planning process leading up until the wedding day itself. That way, if something needs extra attention or needs taking care of sooner rather than later, you’ll know right away and won’t fall behind in any planning.

Trust Your Vendors

It’s important to remember that in order for everything to come together perfectly on the big day, trust must be given as much as possible when it comes time to choose vendors (caterers, florists, etc). Do some research beforehand, but ultimately go with someone who has good reviews and whose portfolio speaks for itself; chances are they know best!

Plan Ahead

While last-minute changes may seem unavoidable from time to time during wedding planning, it always helps if things are planned ahead as much as possible so there aren’t any unexpected surprises down the line (or even worse…on the wedding day!). This doesn’t mean every little detail needs to be ironed out right away, but definitely try not to leave too many decisions until the last minute; otherwise, stress levels can quickly soar!

Relax & Enjoy

Last but certainly not least — relax! Don’t forget why you’re here in the first place — because two people have decided to spend their lives together! Stress will inevitably happen during any kind of wedding planning, but try as hard as possible not to let it take over completely — enjoy each moment along this journey because before long all these plans will become memories!

Now that we’ve gone over some tips for how best to prioritize your wedding planning needs, wants, and must-haves—it’s time for action! Start by making a master list of all tasks needed in order to complete before your big day arrives, and then make sure each one gets checked off before moving on to other minor details like decorations or favors etc. Remember: trust your vendors; plan ahead; relax & enjoy! We would love to help you with your wedding music planning from the ceremony selection to the dance floor. Contact us today to reserve your date!

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