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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life, but with the excitement comes the rush to plan your wedding and find the right vendors, including your wedding band in Charleston, SC. Charleston is filled with talented bands that play every genre from rock to hip hop, which means it can be overwhelming to choose. The key is to find a wedding band that you like and one that can play your favorite type of music, while also being able to engage the crowd and have a varied style that will entertain everyone.

It's also critical to find a wedding band in Charleston that is experienced and has the appropriate equipment necessary to set things up at off-site venues and arenas. It does take a certain level of expertise and professionalism to be prepared for wedding guests and ready with a list to deliver. Other things you will want to factor in are:

Whether they will have a playlist set, or will you be able to ask for requests?

Some bands stick to the program only. Before you hire one, make sure to ask if they will have a set playlist or if they allow requests. Allowing your wedding guests the ability to chime in is a great benefit and gets everyone up and dancing the night away. You might not want a band that plays everything like a jukebox, but going outside their genre to accommodate varied tastes is a great asset, depending on your wedding guests.


Will they learn your song?

Most couples have a song that they call their own. If you want to have a first dance that brings you back in time or have a special song for the father of the bride dance, make sure that the band you hire is willing to learn something new. Also, you can’t expect them to learn a whole new setlist, but it is critical to know how many new songs they are willing to add so you know what songs will be considered important and what might not.

Do they have the same band members at every gig?

Some bands assemble according to which artist is available for your special date, and others only play with the same band members. If consistency is important, choose the band that has members who always play together. Not all band members play well as a team, and you want to get the first string, not the fifteenth, for your special day!

Does the price include the wedding ceremony?

Some brides and grooms will hire one band for the ceremony and another for the entertainment afterward. If you want a band that will play at both, then you have to clarify that ahead of time. Often, bands charge by the hour. If they have to play the ceremony and then wait around, that might eat up a significant chunk of your music budget.

Are there overtime fees?

Everyone loves an encore, especially when the good times are rolling. If you hire a band for a set number of hours but your guests are ready to burn the midnight oil, will they stick around to play for a little longer? And if they are willing to do some extra overtime hours, how much extra will it cost? The last thing you want is an unexpected bill after the fact that will cut into your honeymoon spending!

Our Suggestions

Meet Return of the MAC

Return of the MAC has been playing weddings since 2009, but prides itself on providing hit music that people know across many genres. They cater to a younger crowd, but focus on making sure that everyone has a great time at your event. Although they’re primarily a five-piece band, they can also work as a duo, trio, or quartet for private events!

Meet Me and Mr. Jones

Me and Mr. Jones is an electric R&B duo, trio, and quartet wedding band in Charleston, SC. They started making music together in 2015 and play many styles of pop, classics, and rhythm and blues. They have an impressive list of covers and play for weddings, rehearsal dinners, and cocktail parties. Chris Dodson owns the acoustic guitar, and Rogers’ vocal range is enough to bring the entire crowd to the dance floor!

The band at your wedding is one of the most important factors of having a good time. Now that you are engaged, the race is on! Make sure to put in the research to make sure that you are getting a band that will make your special day that much more spectacular! Contact us today and let us match you with a band that is everything you dream of!


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