Five Benefits Adults Get From Learning Guitar – You’re Never Too Old!

October 22nd, 2022 chrisdodsonmusic

As adults, we often tend to stay away from taking on new challenges as we get older. Things just seem to come so much more naturally when we are young. But to live your best life, it is a great idea to never stop learning. Guitar lessons offer many benefits for those who engage – no matter what age! These are just five benefits offered by taking guitar lessons into adulthood!

Keeping The Mind Active is Always Healthy!

If you can think back to your years of schooling and science, you used different parts of your brain depending on the activity. The left brain typically gets a workout from math, and creativity activates the right side of the brain. Studies show us that playing and learning guitar use both sides of the brain. Research also shows that keeping the brain active will help to fight against dementia and other aging effects on the brain. Playing guitar is not only enjoyable; it will keep your brain active and young – it’s a win win!

It Improves Your Health and Lowers Stress

As an adult, there aren’t many things that we do for pure enjoyment. Stress is natural and necessary, but our response to it determines how healthy it is. Learning to play the guitar has been shown to decrease stress. Your brain is fully engaged and immersed when you play, which means that you get a reprieve from the many things on your to-do mental list. But it is important that you take your time with it, find a supportive teacher, and don’t just make it another “must-do” on your list! The benefits of reducing stress in your life will make you both physically and mentally healthier!

Goal Attainment

Sometimes life can start to feel like a never-ending list where you aren’t really ever reaching your goals, only going in circles. If you make learning to play the guitar a goal for yourself, it will feel really good every time you learn a new chord or song or set time aside to work toward reaching your musical goals. It is always a good thing to feel accomplished, and being a guitar player is an excellent goal to have!

Putting Yourself as a Priority

How often do you allocate time to do something that you want to do? Playing and practicing guitar is a great way to make yourself a priority and set aside some you time. If you always put others first, then you are ignoring someone who really needs some patience and TLC. Learning to play the guitar is an excellent way to give you a break and some time that is just for you!

It’s Fun

If for no other reason, you should take guitar lessons as an adult because it’s fun. When you are young, you often take lessons or continue with them because someone else wants you to. It is so nice to learn to play an instrument just for the pure joy and fun of it. At Chris Dodson, we make guitar lessons as fun, stress-free, and lively as possible.

If you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar, it’s never too late. Learning to play later in life will provide you with a sense of achievement, a healthier brain, and it is just plain fun! Come into Chris Dodson today and sign up for guitar lessons at any age!

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