The Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

June 24th, 2022 chrisdodsonmusic

Over the past several decades, the arts have been slowly eliminated from schools around the nation, which has been detrimental to children everywhere. Learning to play an instrument offers many benefits to the growing and developing mind. The brain goes through several stages of learning, and if you miss those critical benchmarks, unfortunately, it is a missed opportunity for kids to excel. The good news is you can still enhance your child’s intellect by signing them up for guitar lessons today. These are just some of the advantages that learning to play the guitar offers.


Learning to play any instrument takes commitment and hard work. The skills necessary to learn to play guitar, such as forming chords, fingerpicking with accuracy, rhythm, and timing require several things to go on at once. Practice is the key to successful learning, but for a child, it takes an effort to put the time aside. Learning to play will require that your child manage their schedule to meet the demands of practice, but if they do, it will set the stage for them to learn discipline and time management for their future endeavors.

Boosts Confidence

When you set a goal and achieve it, it is a great confidence-booster. Every time your child reaches a milestone by learning a new chord or song, they enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and a benchmark achieved. With each new success, they will find self-confidence and pride in putting forth the effort and accomplishing the desired goal.

Encourages Creativity

The basics of learning to play guitar can sometimes seem monotonous, but once they get it down, they can start to be creative with different chords and sounds. They can start to make up their own melodies, which is a great way to expand their skills and add those skills into other areas of their lives.

Concentration Skills

Learning to play the guitar requires concentration and focus. As they learn how to center on their practice, it will help them fine-tune the art of paying close attention to a task and being able to block out everything else. This is a very helpful skill as they begin to work on higher-level learning skills at school.

Academic Performance Enhancement

All of the skills acquired from learning to play the guitar will transcend Into their school performance and the daily requirements of academia. By taking guitar lessons, they will be ahead of the game and will receive more positive feedback and goal attainment from the outset.


Guitar lessons require multitasking skills. The brain has to focus on several different actions at once, continually going from one skill set to the next. A child must learn to both read the chords, listen, and adjust their hand movements to produce specific sounds. Although it might look as if it comes naturally, it won’t without practice. Once they have mastered the skills learned, however, they can apply them to other areas of their life.

Although funding for the arts has been severely cut back in schools around the nation, it is still an important part of developing higher learning skills that will transcend into a successful academic life, and ultimately, their future. Our guitar lessons are taught with the philosophy that learning to play is about so much more than just memorizing chords. We teach children the fundamentals and then foster the skills needed to be successful at guitar and life in general! Contact us to get your child started in guitar!

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